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Fashion Trend: The Saddle Bag Is Still Fashion's Most Versatile Handbag - theFashionSpot

Though they first became popular in the 1970s, saddle bags are once again dominating the handbag market. If you need proof of the saddle bag’s staying power, look no further than Chloe. The designer label keeps experimenting with this classic crossbody, adding and subtracting embellishments, swapping out one material for another and so on. Then again, no one has forgotten Dior’s saddle model. Immortalized on Sex and the City, it ranks right ยี่ห้อ asos ดีไหม up there with the most iconic bags of all time. With new options from brands like Altuzarra and Coach, street style pros are getting back in the saddle. Whether you lean towards feminine florals, 1970s revival or head-to-toe denim, let these fashion girls show how a saddle bag can be the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

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